Custom Business Metal Signs

Business advertising and representation has come a long way from the phrase of “hanging your shingle” that started in the 1800’s.

Want a unique way to display your business logo or name, a custom metal sign is perfect. These signs make a statement. The sign is as unique as your business. They are steel and made to last. Transform your company logo into a high-quality, beautiful piece of art that you will be proud to display!

We can create a sign from your business logo, or design one for your personal advertising. The possibilities are endless. Please feel free to call us for help with design.

Our signs are of high-quality USA 16 gage cold rolled steel, precision cut with a plasma cutter, hand sanded to a smooth finish. We can supply your custom sign in the raw steel, painted or powder coated. The signs can be any size up to 4′ x 8′. Our signs make an excellent gift for the hard to buy for person, even your boss.

“In-Stock” designs can be produced and shipped with in 10 days. This is the time to cut, sand, paint (if needed) and to ship. Something custom that needs to be drawn will take a little longer, about 3-4 weeks.

Big Papa's Metal Designs

Big Papa’s Metal Designs provides metal design, plasma cutting, and fabrication. By combining these three techniques, Big Papa’s Metal Designs creates some of the most impressive metal signs imaginable.